About my love of little books

Welcome to my website!

As anyone involved with doll houses and miniatures knows, it takes passion, and a certain amount of obsession to detail, to create the perfect look - you could say creating miniatures is my slightly out of control hobby.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband and two kids. My miniature books are individually created by me using premium quality paper, inks and finishes. With my graphic design and publishing background, combined with a love of history, design and art, creating miniature books was a perfect match!

I create my unique 1:12 scale miniature books as ‘real’ books - not balsa wood with a stuck on cover, or blank sheets of paper.

All books are designed by me, and are not simply scanned reproductions (that would be too easy). All are titled and printed double sided with readable text - many with illustrations. The pages are actually printed double sided and are not thick concertina style glued together.

You can read more about each book by browsing my shop. If you would like any information, or hints and tips on creating mini books, feel free contact me.

Happy browsing!